HF Linear Amplifier Repair

I have over 20 years experience in amateur amplifier repair and modification. I am familier with all brands and types; grounded grid and grid driven; triodes, tetrodes and pentodes; glass and metal ceramic. Brands like: Ameritron, Drake, Dentron, Heathkit, Palomar, Pride, Swan, Telstar, Yaesu, Wawasee. I also repair base and mobile solid state amps.

1.Heathkit SB-220 modified with extra tube, blower, and Peter Dahl tx.
2,3, Same with vacume plate tuner and turns counter.
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Drake L-4B modified to a single 3CX1200A7, blower, and Peter Dahl tx.

Sixteen transistor mobile amplifier.

VHF Amateur and FM Broadcast Amplifier
Repair. Tube type and solid state designs are supported.

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etc. send email: EddieC@wolfradio.com